Friday, May 21, 2010

SURF'S UP !! Be Cool


 by Frank Windlow

"dK" Swimsuit Lucky 179L

How do you beat the SL heat?
OK SO its not hot here and there is no temperature

no weather 
only illusions
other than the summer heat
your feeling in rl

"dK" Swimsuit White 179L
Dragon Tattoo 0L 

But we all love mind game's

And some of us used to Surf

Or we wanted to and  
we didn't or we want to
and we can't
Or we can but we won't

And now you can begin to understand the beauty of secondlife.
 Where you can wear your bikini 
before you loose that ten pounds
from the winter holidays

"dK" Swimsuit SUNRISE 179L
Phoenix Tattoo  159L

Or you can have a tan even though you have ENGLISH BLUE skin
Or you can surf like a pro
on waves you cant and wont get unless its a hurricane in Florida
or you live in Hawaii

no matter what your  reason that you can't col off in real life or you can't surf or won't
You can talk yourself into feeling cool in your own mind and I got 
just the right bathing suits to make you look your coolest too.
Just in from OW

"dK" Swimsuit DARK ZEBRA 179L

Be cool 
feel cool

 put on your best beach boy's stream and go for it..
cus these are great.

   by Frank Windlow