Friday, May 28, 2010

I stubbed my ROTTON TOE


Elsa Liebknecht

Have you ever been somewhere and forgotten just how much you loved what they did.

That happened to me today. 
I have been here before and gotten this amazing trash bag type dress called 
I love the designs the styles the fit the creativity and 
why did I get so distracted I had not returned until now! 

Well thats how it happens you amass this huge inventory and you forget.
I am happy I got a gentle reminder and rediscovered ROTTON TOE yet again.
First thing I had to grab was

Freddy sweater - 85L 

I actually had a Nightmare on Elms style costume
and it was just stupid and slutty and I threw it in the trash.
Not that slutty can't be a great look sometimes...*wink*
It wasn't made well and it didn't inspire me to feel the part.

So when Else handed me this I was all excited.
I put on my OGRE GIRL hair  cus it was just the proper green and
attached my 
LOVE NEVER DIES beating heart.. 
my own morbid creation
I have loved the cheesy Freddy Movie's and can't turn away
Definitely fun and I have no shame.

I was fortunate enough to catch the creator of 
the Freddy house that I found on SLX  
and he plopped it down on my land
so I could use it as a prop for this blog and its well done..
lots of little interesting bits..
Freddy's flickering face in the fireplace - shadows flickering on the walls.. 
Boarded up windows.. and more
Keep this in mind for future spooky fun for the Halloween.


Then there is this.. Sweet Dolly / circus/ prison stripe dress.. 

with lots of frills and details
I love the skirt it moves well and it is definately going into my fave folders..
There are two colors that are for GROUP ONLY
Black & Red  and Green & Purple

and the price is so awesome you can buy more than one.
You know you want to..  

Can we say amazing prices for the  

and dont forget to grab the new free group gifty of colorful jangly bangles

*group gift*

And  thats not all the lil freebees..
she has several other older freebees that rock,
and worth grabbing.


Elsa Liebknecht

 Did you ever doubt me..
I kicked AZZ