Saturday, February 15, 2014

Angel Of Love......

The Angel Of Love was upon me.....
And Lord, I felt so high 
I swear I could have reached up 
Placed my hands upon the sky 
*Depeche Mode*

RO - LongBow White.. *horns*

The wings are  a gacha item... you can adjust the speed of the flap... very amazing.. Male or female...

CandyDoll , she can make some sexy shoes.... these come with a hud and plenty of options for color. I loving her shoes... Keep an Eye open for more.. and go check out the ones she has already made..... shes making quality you can wear...... these are worn with Slinks High Heel Feet..

Tattoo layer does not come with a phat azz layer but I was able to make one and if you really need a phat azz applier. You can IM me * Whisper Stella * and I can send one your way.

-DRD- demonic wings albino - RARE

The Cherubim Horns longBow White and Cupid Red are an FaMESHed event exclusive from Remarkable Oblivion for  available in 2 styles 

7 Deadly s{K}ins - Tina 

Izzie's - Heart Tights 

~PixyStix~ ::Scales:: (Upper Tattoo)

_CandyDoll_ ALL Newell Heels (worn with) Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

[nn] -DarkTitanium eyebrow piercing- vamp 
[nn] -DarkTitanium lip piercing- vamp 

[Moyet] ** Harness

Vanity Hair: Forget me Not-Light Browns

Druidamus necklace - Feelings in captivity

ieQED arrow.pauldron.platinum

alterego I risque skirt - black

[SG] Stitched Gods -  Heartstone Locket - The pier

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I have always lived for the TRUTH... January hairs...

Think think thinking pink...



Naum naum for the new Truthy Hairs.. My inventory is digging the hud versions .... So if you have not been to Truth for several months you will be pleasantly surprised.


January  has been a hairy month.....



I have been blogging Truth Hair since 2009 and love everyone of them. I know I can never wear every color in every style but i am a hoarder  and cant even let go of my old faves. But now Truth has accommodated the bustier LOLA implant wearing lady. YAY..

 And every week getting new faves.. Whats a girl to do? Go shopping!!!!!


Getting my ELF on with my....LONG FANTASY ELF EARS by MANDALA


January Hairs  three releases... INCOMING.. from one of the most productive hair creators in secondlife.



Nice to see some LOVEJUGS Truth's version for LOLA wearing implant loving ladies.


  Coral 2 [LoveJugs 2]
  Esperanza [LoveJugs 2]
  Junia [LoveJugs 2]
  Rowan [LoveJugs 2]
  Bryn [LoveJugs 2]

 other things...

lots of Shines Heart and Ayla Rings...  paired with a double layer of Izzie Hair tie bracelets in pink

The newest in Slink feet the HIGH for those super high and sexy heels... Slink feet come in flat  tip toe and the new HIGH stepping versions... a must have for all of the great shoes out there now...

Slink Feet HIGH

~Sassy!~ Playing With Fire - pink - PROJECT LIMITED * last day Jan 31st*
Izzie's - Hair Tie Bracelet pink
Izzie's - Maci Skin dark tan
**SHINE** Ayla Ring
**SHINE** Heart Ring
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High
+Nuuna+ Kaia makeup Pink

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Game Face - Its ON!

 2014.... AND SO IT BEGINS...

Its  starting off Dark... But I like dark looks and mechanical accessories.  And without whining and going into a lot of detail my Holiday was filled with grief and death and It has taken a little minute for me to capture my breath and refocus on my favorite things. So I am back and I hope I will do the wonderful items that are given to me to blog justice..    thanks for anyone who has had to have patience with me... you are appreciated.

Another one of Remarkable Oblivions Umbrellas the elusive and rare BROKEN

A little bit of gamer girl in me and it shows in this fashionable collection Brought to you by DRD.

My Game face has freckles....
7 Deadly s{K}ins is an amazing spot for your skin needs especially if you LOVE getting Monthly freebees.. like I do. They stay on top of gift giving and offer a REZ day skin for your birthday.. 7 Deadly s{K}ins supports all of the layers and the body enhancements like Lolas, Big Moth, slink, and phat azz. Another huge plus is that your man can get his skins there also..  Stop by and check them out...Join the group here.
 7 Deadly s{K}ins

A common PINSTRIPE Umbrella From RO remarkable Oblivion
It is almost the end of OMG Winter Gacha Event ... so get what you can before its gone...Don't let it slip away..

7 Deadly s{K}ins - Tina B4b+ If you love freckles then this is the skin for you.... So awesome...

Neurolabs Android Hands worked well with the Devious Minds Lolita Wrist Wraps... Gacha

Showing off my own contribution to OMG  a Squishy PolkaDots  common ring...
 You need to get my rare necklace to match.. 25L per play... not so much and only nine objects to collect

RO - Umbrella - Broken RARE - OMG Jersey Shore
RO - Umbrella - Pinstripe - OMG Jersey Shore
[geek.] Gamer-Leftovers -Has-Been Chocolate Controller- RARE  OMG Jersey Shore
D2K -  GACHA! Choke On Dat BLK/GRN Collar OMG Jersey Shore
!dM - devious Minds - Lolita - preciousWraps **AURORA BOREALIS**OMG Jersey Shore
DRD - Death Row designs - post apocalyptic nerd - neckwrap green - Fameshed
DRD - Death Row designs - Post apocalyptic nerd goggles - copper rust (eyes) Fameshed
DRD - Death Row designs - post apocalytpic nerd - earring Fameshed
DRD - Death Row designs - post apocalytpic nerd - rings black Fameshed
[NikotiN]    Vapor_Cig    (v.4.0) *project limited*
[NeurolaB Inc.] EV3 ANDROID Hand (8 Poses) Blogged in previous post
Razor/// Shadow Step Outfit...*mesh clothing* worn with Lolas can be worn without..
7 Deadly s{K}ins - Tina B4b+ - super delicious freckle face

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Oh a lil sneak peek to  the up and coming event.....
You wont want to miss...
A winter wonderland that will getcha with gatchas... OMG you will just adore it and make sure you look for the rainbow when you get here.
Location to be revealed soon.....

Am I reviewing the gacha items early.. Hell no!... so dont hold your breath.. but I am using the backdrop of wonderful in my blog because we all want to live here..  Holli has even made me a cabin and a bridge and given me cute little sheep friends to play with.

Oh ok.. she hasn't given me anything but I have claimed my spots in this amazing place until you all come invade it.. I will play here until  the sim is full of peeps for the holiday fun.. I am not showing off all of it just a hint of the adorableness that only Holli can create..

We all  know the arcade 8f8 Octopus Hat and gloves

To start off I wanted to wear my Mesh Spiked Jacket From .::deeR::. I know I know I Know its not for us Boobie babes... it doesn't have a Tango hud option but I love it so much! Anyhow the fit is perfect.... and the  colors are divine.. it comes with a choice of two huds and it has enough boob in the mesh to keep my large bum in proportion so..

I love it anyhow and  you ladies who are flat chested and dont wear the prim tatas.. can  look sexy even covered up to your neck showing no skin! Gotta love it!

Squishy PolkaDots - On your Knees - *PINK SKULL*

FInally I have finished making my kneepads... that I had previewed the blog prior and they will be available in my shop as soon as I finish my ads... Its a slow process for the Squish.... But I hope you will like them I have several versions.... in the works.. I am so proud of myself for doing something that my friends do easily every single day... And YES!!! they fit with the PHAT AZZ!!!

My -DRD- Death Ro Designs   - Beggers Boots are Unisex and come in a large array of colors.... and options of textures. I love how you can either have snow or dirt on the shoes.. YAY what a cute idea! Its those little special touches like this, that make me love to wear things

Squishy PolkaDots - On your Knees - *PINK SKULL*
* .:: deeR ::. * MESH spiked jacket
7 Deadly s{K}ins - Magdalena
Clawtooth: Windswept - Pink and Pretty
LaGyo_Matilda crystal tears
-DRD- Death Ro Designs - Begger's boots PURPLE
8f8_OCTOPUS Hat_WHITE_RARE @ The Arcade
8f8_OCTOPUS Mitten_L_WHITE @ The Arcade

Mesh Body Modifications used...
** Phat Azz /w more inner thighs

Although I applaud those who have the mad skills to do amazing things with their Photoshop.  I pride myself in not using any type of filters or modifications other than crop and resize so that you can see the products and items I am wearing as you would in world and in game. The differences in Windlight settings and Video card performance is also a factor that is to be accounted for..  But I take my photos WYSYWIG Style in hopes that designers of impecable taste and amazing talent will wish to utilize my blog to show off the best Secondlife has to offer without hiding behind altered pics.  I represent items as they are seen in world nothing more nothing less. It has always been my style to be real in a world of fantasy. An oxymoron statement to be certain but one I hope that my fellow secondlife citizens will appreciate.