Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sensuelle and feminine you can almost feel it


 Rory Rives

Let the pictures speak for themselves

Diana White - 150L

there are also two free Bikinis to 
lure you to the store for more eye candy
and you can find a pair of 

extremely high heels in green 


for only 5L

these lovely shoes are exclusives to the Sensuelle Shop
Appropriately located on classy Fifth Ave

also located on the wall by the subscribo is a green bikini and 
for the men there are boxer shorts

And FYI fella these hot and sexy bits of fashion cost a lot less than you would expect.. 

 CLASSY - 180L

Exclusive to Sensuelle
matching Fifth Ave. Boudoir Slippers in red

changes toe polish colors and easy to match skintones
You will be surprised just how well these shoes look 
for so little linden

So you can get more than one

Goddess -150L

Fifth Ave. Boudoir Slippers in Black

Fifth Ave. Boudoir Slippers in Blue


I know I had the hardest  time just picking out a few 
I wanted the whole store.
and you will too

 EMMA - 150L

just look at this detail

Fifth Ave. Boudoir Slippers in Blush

and the shoes match perfectly

It was all so delish it was hard to decide what I wanted most

but for now..

The End


Rory Rives