Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Truth goes to JUPITER


Truth Hawks

I keep meaning to ask just why he named this color Jupiter
But thats the color of this weeks release 
And I am loving it.

Kalista - Jupiter

He is putting out more and more options and streaked hair and it makes the hair customizable to match almost anything
This is my fave hair...

here it is in the streaked version

Kalista - Streaked

The difference here is something new. 
Two seperate streaking options so you can pic two colors...
Its almost too much for me..
I am so excited  

Layla - Jupiter

and in streaked

Layla - Streaked

Rylan is with bangs and Rylan 2 with hair pulled back

This come in two versions with and without bangs
and of course both have streaked options

Rylan  and Rylan 2

Jupiter color



Truth Hawks