Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Diamonds and Pearls... again you find me in the Boudoir


Precious Restless

This is fast becoming a favorite of mine 
with her whimsy and elegance,
Every dress tells a story and speaks to me .. 
every time 
I unwrap a new gown I can see a story
  unfold before my eyes..

She tells her stories with prims and textures instead of words..

And I listen with my eyes .

The wonderful thing about visual stories is it transcends the boundaries of  
words and

 I am honored she trusts me to tell her story and let you participate and interpet it at your leisure.


There will be more.. she works quickly when inspiration hits her.. 

Truth Hair - New release Sept 3 2010 -  Raquel - Seaspray



Precious Restless