Friday, September 17, 2010

Hair Fair 2010 - after the SL Lag... featureing VANITY HAIR

Hair Fair 2010

I paused when it was open.. I knew I couldn't handle the lag 
that it would just frustrate me and make my visit there  annoying..

But I went anyway...
Wearing a freebee gold skin and
I found the best ever

YABUSAKA  - low lag free skins
several different metals and more

::Vanity Hair: - Banadana Day bandana - 50L
to match and it all goes to a good cause
When I got there it was like moving through...
Nope .. Concrete

I went made coffee made a snack took a show and came back to gray matter..
I saw one goody bag.. I thought pointed on it clicked and grabbed..
then I logged out to get back home.. and when I got there it was a goodie bag with clothing in it..
WTF clothing? LOL
ok thank you I am grateful but I dont go to hair fairs looking for t-shirts n dresses
No hair? good or bad was anywhere to be seen for my efforts..

So then I waited..

a few days and then I visited and what a difference.
Sure it was SLaggy and slow..
But it was popping and I was seeing for the first time..


 :Vanity Hair: - Phantom of the Opera - 275L  
or 699L fatpack

  this lovely hair comes with a feather thats colorchange along with the assorted masks and
the hair decorations.. lots of pretty options and..
something I think American Idols Prince Poppycock would
die for.. If he was in Secondlife...

 jewels jealousy by Ganked
Schadenfreude Caged Inverted Hoop Skirt -
special color unavailable - 
but it does come in a wide variety of colors for 400L

:Vanity Hair: - African Dreams hair - 275L or fatpack for 699L
hot lil schoolgirl -  I really love architectural dreadlocks

Dress  is available for 50L but you can get it in the MM board also @ Gypsysoul

Yet again I make it to Vanity Hair and fall in love with her wild and wonderful creations..
I honestly didn't have the time to get further so I am going to feature her for this blog and let me tell you the LAG is almost non existent now is the perfect time to go check it out

:Vanity Hair: - Urban Saylorette hair - 275L or fatpack for 699L

>>>Poison<<< Navajo jeans - 150L
GOS Dare Booty SHOES in Brown - 595L


a nice closeup of the fringe on the pants and the
matchyness of the gos booty because 
browns I always have a hard time matching

:Vanity Hair: - Up Up and Away hair - 275L or fatpack for 699L

I saw a lot of these blogged but always worn  with some formal  gown
I  wanted to be playful with it so I decided jeans and a good time in the country
with  new not release yet Poison tank top  
I loved it  so keep your eyes open for a release someday

my version of UP UP and AWAY

>>>Poison<<<  - Barbara jean shorts - 120L
:Vanity Hair: - Laguna Bay hair - 275L or fatpack for 699L
  a nice modernized veronica lake look
 >>>Poison<<<  -Carmen Dress - 130L
[Gos] Platform Pumps - Red - 295L

Its been a long day...
but the Hair fair is always crazy like that..
but it is quiter becuase its not the first or even the second day
SO now is the time to explore 
My CHoice for today was vanity hairs
I loved them all and had a fantastic time finding places to take pics...

Enjoy the Fair!!