Friday, October 22, 2010

Sometimes.... you just find the amazing and you must be amazed

Xoph Adamczyk

Tentaculus Exoticus

NInja Girl Hair (blood red)
This is one of my all time favorite videos its is sometimes sad 
but how is it that the truth allows us to grow ..
Such as it is

Oh you want these fabulous black skins and makeups
I almost do not want to share
they are so affordable and luxurious and fun to work with
with her tat layers and her skins you can combine your own  look and tinker with it til you are satisfied


Nunna's Black Skins 299L

Black tentacle Hair worn in the photos is Irena by 

Vitabella of Boudoir

*this hair moves like tentacles a perfect matchup 
for Xophs tentacles*

yes all eight skins

these are not skins these are face tats
and there are a lot more where these came from

free halloween skin

now back to

Tentaculus Exoticus 860L

Yes this is the same tentacles.
this is with it spread out and stiff no movement.

I don't even know where to begin at all the things you can do with these
you can easily adjust every aspect from animation to flexi to colors
Inside texture movement.. width and lengths.

Nothing I can do short of an animated film can do it justice.
there is a short vid XOPH did 

that gives a list of all the features but it still doesnt capture the beauty
there is jsut too much you can do.. it can respond to touch and it can listen to objects and react with gestures.
Very customisable for role play.

The amazing latex shorts and corset top are pieces 
from a set made by 

Indigoblue Dagostino 


Seldom Blue

 here the Lucy Latex set is shown with the skirt in red

Irena Hair by Boudoir  300L

I had so many people stop me to tell me how fantastic my avi looked.. 
thanks to this combo of tallents

above is a video by someone who bought 
it still doesnt do the tentacles justice..
It does give you a little insite to the many features
IM'ed me and says one day he will make his own clip...

 slimmer tentacles

from very short to stretching as far as 10M 
all in an instant