Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Curious about Kittens?


Ameshin Yossarian

Laveria Dress 500L

Curious about kittens?
Well I have always wandered about in my Secondlife 
off and on... as a Neko
of some fashion...
In the beginning it was with a slim twitchy tail and badly done cone primmed ears..  and when I went to the clubs
I saw all the other ladies wearing the same.. twitchy slim tails

SO I decided ot make myself a bit of a persian kitty with
 a fluffy tail that I had to move a few prims about
to puurrrfect the look..

Believe me.. I was Hawt!

But seriously
I wont embarrass myself with my newb photos
of back in the day. 

I became restless with my fluffy tails and decided that I needed to be a Panda and once a piglet and otehr assorted cute animals

and I just had to check it out...

Nyanotech 09-3B Hair - Aentiah V2 100L
Today... I saw Nanotech hair that had these kitten ears to match
that blend in and MATCH the hair Perfectly
.I had to peek at it..  I have bobbed my tail for this version of Nekolisiousness but, its an overall pleasing look...  Neko  although not nearly as popular as it once  was..
Is still adorable if you update the look

it has settled into that comfortable spot that  will allow the true neko girly to be uniquely her..
and with much better options than ever before..

  as you can see the hot lil elf look is great with this hair

 huds for colorchange that you can use on Curious kitties hairs run 700L but is used for the proper series hairs

 Laveria Boots 200L


 Well one of those places  that  has grown with the whole neko kitten themed looks  with the attitude of cuteness wiht a flair of baby doll asian..

Is Curious kitties.. a staple  for any girl who jsut loves to be PuRrRrrfect.
Now Granted I even got confused wiht her nanotech hair huds etc.. but wow.. what a nice way to make things versitile.. and in secondlife..  that is the key to a great look  a uniquely YOU look...
the ability to adjust change and make the look your own...

Her skins are smooth and fresh looking.. for very fun looks  and the clothign fits well and has this cuteness you just cant be without if your a kitten of a girl or a playful minx

Its great for those of you who are child avis and need an innocent appealing look..
Gotta love her..

I do..
And have for years..