Thursday, May 26, 2011

Apocolyptic Urban Wear.. O really!


*multiple color options and changes*

NUUNA's Black Skins available the fatpack 299Lin both male and female

Yes I took it there..I grabbed some fine jewelry and took it into the future with my latest obsession urban wear. I am loving the hard look of Urban Fashion these days. I had to mix it up with my Nuuna's skins and let me tell you this skin is amazing looking for even more amazing low prices. I have blogged her skins before and I will do it again.. I am not a skin freak I do not collect skin and there are very few I love to wear.  But I do come back repeatedly to Nuuna you will often see me using her fantasy style skins for my more interesting looks

Delirium Style NEELIX 325L

The chained heart strapped prim top is one of ENTROPY'S own creations.. Dirk made it for me when I had nothing to wear it was faster than me trying to find something to wear from  my massive inventory an absolutely yummy and sexy piece if I say so myself

Exclusive not for sale at this time