Friday, April 26, 2013

Uhh RO I run with scissors

And now you can too!!

at Remarkable Oblivion

RO - Remarkable Oblivion - Scissorhands *new*
HOC Industries - Pleated Skirt  - hud controlled for texture change

Sometimes I cut myself.... but I look fabulous... and an artistic choice..
So many people commented on these when I was running around and it frightened off a few huge New York Thug types...  who usually grief but  the scissorhands put them off me just enough for them to respect the word no... * no honestly they were fun and playful fellows.. who love bewbies

the hair I wear
eXxEsS : PERUN in fox texture

 FuK'N'HawT  Net Top  worn over HolliPockets  Cherry Kini

RO - Remarkable OblivionAmped Earphones

RO - Remarkable Oblivion - Sanctus Earrings

[nn] - Dark Titanium lip piercing- doll
it also includes the eyebrow piercing to match.. color change ring and bow

And the beautiful skin I am in.. is

Izzie's - Holly Camo Eyeshadow brown and Holly Skin sunkissed