Monday, October 26, 2009

Time to take a second look

Welcome... to Entropy
This is my world... The one I come home to when I don't deal with the Crazies.. I come to a fantasy world where you can buy fake land fake clothing and be a real fake person... talk about... escapism!
You can spend real money buying fake money making fake money turning it into real money.. Its a Topsy turvey environment.. a wild west of sorts...

Well.. in the chaos that is second life.. you will find the human mind is amazing and our imagination and art take us away- far away to where we least expect it to take us..  This is my adventure.. my journey and my documentation of the things I find fun or interesting along the way. You are more than welcome to come along and explore vicariously through me. And honestly I hope you follow me like the pied piper... to this land called second life... where you can have a third and a fourth life... and you can continually shape shift and make yourself over during your life here.. If you mess it up you can delete and remake yourself repeatedly..  You can live two separate lives simultaneously.. and to try and explain it is hard... You just have to visit me for yourself.

Some of you won't be willing or even have the time to devote to this life.. or even peek into my world  for long.. Its for the artistic thinkers.. the moody emos. the different and unique and strangely normal.. Its not safe.. yet it is.. it is all you want it to be or nothing at all. It is Wonderland.. and I am Alice.. there are a whole lot of Alice's here...Come inside... come stalk the Alice's with your Cheshire cat grin and be Mad as a Hatter.
Create your own wonderland out of prims and pixels textures and imagination...
A survivors guide of sorts