Saturday, March 6, 2010

One two three.. GO!!!

Ok this is it I am going to start my blog .. The one I have been talking about for a while to my friends. I am sure they got a lil sick of all talk and no action.. so ready.... Action ....
I am not going to say this is going to be a unique blog.. Its just going to be MY BLOG... first off its my taste my preferences.. and etc...  If you don't like it .. Sure thing you can be a hater.. but I will just mute you.. I really don't care about your opinion much unless you agree with me.. I have been in SL since 2006... but truth be told early 2006 on a previous character.. If your a spelling Nazi.. etc.. then fine your gonna love ME!! if your a typonese hater and you feel you need to let me know I made a typo.. Good for you.. pats your silly head... I already know.. I think random and sporadic and I hope you can keep up. I open mouth and insert foot often... I am almost positively sure that I will make people mad.. I don't intend to but I know many people are really into the whole policing of SKINS and content theft etc... I am going to let you fools know up front and I will say it only once.. I do not approve of theft..  But honestly its not my job to police the SL world for bad guys.. and until there are laws and lawyers and money involved no one is going to quit trying... I am not an expert and I am willing to bet most of you are not either..

Intentionally hurt a designer.. uhmmm NO... never..  My daughter is an artist I am an artist..* of sorts *
I have many friends who make there living here in SL and I not only applaud them and support them  I admire them.. it takes a lot to make something of yourself here.. and sometimes you have to learn to get a thick skin and tough it up cus people do all kinds of DRAMA to you... and take there perceived power to harm others.. I will POINT you out... if you bother me.. I will post your ignorance and cruelty and call you meany .. and it wont bother me one bit .. Its all me and my opinion is what it is.. an OPINION its like an asshole.. we all have one..
Now to the point... this is my spot... my turf  rawr!!!.. if you enjoy the pics and visits.. YAY.. glad you stopped in and please support the designers by buying Lindens and spending.. I will have .. anything I damn well please on here.. .. If I find something awful and hideous and I dont like it... no MATTER WHO IT IS.. I might just point out how much I hate it... If I feel passionate enough to waste my time to rant on it..

Why the ranting in the beginning of my blog because..  lol..because I know what I am in for... and I am really unsure how long I will get shits and giggles out of it...
But.... I love SL .. I love the art and the fun of dressing up my Dolly.. She is my DOLL and has brought me great joy.. She even met her prince charming aka knight in white armor and my everything.. so.. without further adieu .. I bring you... my first blog.. as soon as I snap a pic.. this is way to much work already... I am already hating it..  roflmao