Monday, April 19, 2010

Can we say :OW: Kick ASS Corset dresses...

Oh yeah... Can we say OW... fine round booty..
None of those skinny hipped
hard to fit skirts.

Not this time..
And this doesn't make you look ridiculously LARGE in the rump..

The texture transition from the dress to the sculpted skirt prim is almost flawless.

I had to fit it on my thick waisted lil avi with the round booty and thick thighs.. I was pleased at the result and felt... slinky and sexy..

so while she was away in PS doing her thing I was taking picks of my own...

I felt like I wanted to go out there

fortunately for me my friend Holli..  can put up with my hyperactive shinanigans and
you can catch her blog on this great lil dress in the HOLLI Pocket Blog link HERE..
Now run dont walk to :OW:
and get one of Frank Windlows lil corset dresses
and keep your eyes out for more colors soon..
me.. I am running..
cus Holli is gonna hurt me..
No Bloggers were actually hurt during the making of this blog..