Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Odd Looks lately? Be U-NEEK as you wanna be

When you teleport to Treebee Withnails shop...
you are greeted with the wildest arrangement of colors
Puked right at your face into your eyeballs...
Its takes a minute to focus and start sorting out the madness
 but you stick around
 because it's bright and shiny....
 and its nature to investigate bright..
it screams to be seen!

And I like shiny.... I am attracted to
+LOOK at me+ colors
and bold screaming
+LOOK at me+ sorta things..
 especially HAIR...
And U-NEEK has lots of hair.
In the strangest dread locked fashions ever..
 and I love them... they tell me.. fun and imagination and..
wow this is SL and I can do as I please and look like I want
and this is like kindergarden finger paint colors...  so I dug in  and explored..
 and when she handed me her new LOGO hair in green and pink..
 it took me all of one minute to spew my own version of her wild logo..

I might add.. that for the longest time
 I have poked around for the hair in the picture..
 I didnt know she hadnt made it yet!
But now you too can be......
Wild and wonderful and exotic..
and stick your tongue out at SL
 and give it a big glowing raspberry...
She definitely knows how to make me smile..
and I grin every time I walk into her place..
Here a short lil blurb of a blog..
a flash in your eyeball

U-NEEKS Logo Hair...

Thanks for letting me try it out... 
Dirk likes it by the way...
he thinks it suits my personality..