Saturday, April 24, 2010

INDI....Review... More than meets the eyes....

I want to start of by saying ..

Although I am reviewing female clothing
this store is jam packed with
equally tasteful and well done Men's line...

So ladies bring along the fellas on this shopping trip..
They are sure to find something you will love seeing them in

So now that is said its all for us right now..
Let the pictures tell the story of just how... great these clothes and accessories are..

First a Little sexy number called Desire in several different shades and colors with matching boots
that I loved how smooth the look was with these stockings..It gives an illusion of thigh high boots and a great accessory to use if your buying the De Luca Boots... Every boot has a matching set in the Desire  and I found  adding exactly what I wanted to the look


The Desire set comes in so many layers and options.. from fishnet tops  to string bikini to booty short.. the bikini top connected to the panty or short or not..

I was having a lot of fun stripping the different layers to see the options.. and believe me the options are plentiful. I would have liked the tops and bikini in Jacket layers also.. but maybe that would be overkill..
I tend to work with my jacket layer more than most because I save the underwear layers for tats. I am running the Emerald viewer and they have not taken on the tattoo layer as of this version..
but with the many other layers I really didn't have any problems finding a great look at every turn

The biggest reason I will Love a shop is the smooth textures.. and you wont be disappointed here..
The Boots have the ankle breaks I am not particular fond of but in this case it was barely noticeable and fit well no matter what angle I was twisting my Avi SO a big thumbs up for that.



One of Indi's newer outfits and I am loving it..
worn with the black Lombardi Bootie that comes with or without studs..



  a seriously seventies inspired look with the red  burgundy leather jacket and the rolled jeans..
The Jacket is shaped well and bells out at the hips just enough
Also a great version of this in the men's departments..
Matching Lombardi Booties for this as well..
I had the longest talk with Jamie Holmer the Designer/artist /creator yes I called her a designer.. and she was so modest and sweet about how great her things were..

 I loved her attitude and perceptions
her desire to please her customers and the prompt response to my questions and needs..
Definitely a gold star on customer service..
This designer * I said it again* Artist.. Is delightfully friendly and hard working.
And I enjoyed her things and am headed over to see whats new.
So Should You.
here is a link to her Webpage so you can see whats new
or just take the limo to



On just a lil side note in case your wondering where I got my props...
 The great lil  wrought Iron Chairs
I met the creater OOLA NERUDA  at the texture shop with the set as one of her giveaway presents for the twisted textures group givaway day... This is the original purpose of the set..
to just sit and chat with friends in the garden..
I had a completely different idea in mind and it worked out well
You can find the set at
le Monde Fine Furniture