Monday, April 26, 2010

This just in.... NEW from INDI

Oh looky what's new
I got it shortly after my previous INDI blog and wanted to show you whats new...

This one is called DEENA and I paired it up with the black DeLuca Boots  and the white stockings from the.. Desire Lingerie set..

and yesh... I love this pose.. I am sure you will see it again and again eventually

The sculpted top is in two pieces and.. looks fabulous and a lot of the time a model is wearing the newest outfit so if you hurry you may be able to see it live on a model before you buy it
 I tested it out with my crazy dance moves and for a primmed outfit it did surprisingly well... 
 acceptable glitching was noted but nothing that made me look like a nob...
Well its hard to look newbie in this outfit..
But it passed the dance test...
and that makes me Happy..


also comes in CHOCOLATE BROWN and cream tones