Friday, May 14, 2010

Jest Had to show you this PUPPET outfit

Shop by AGNIESZKA Allstar

Jesters have always captured my eyes and throughout my SL existence 
I will always gravitate from one jester outfit to another.. 
SO of course this Past Thirsty Thursday I snapped up this lil bargain at 50L 
but I am sure it will be the regular higher priced soon since it is a one day sale 
unless the creator of this lovely costume hasn't woke yet this morning..
I suggest you get it quickly
because I just popped in and it's still 50L as of 
6am SL time
friday morning..
.. So just as quickly I am snapping this picture while 
I still have my Deisel Works PolyPose wall out.. and I have the SUE hair from Emo-Tion
Diram Short Jacket 
and Ganked Necklace and earrings
This Puppet outfit actually comes with a really nice Boa..
I just opted out because I thought my jacket went well with my look.

Me with another hand puppet and Boon hair
the puppet I think is jelious of
my puppet outfit
He said
I make him look shabby and cheep