Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just a little DV8


Vasha Martinek

Almost Violent Boot - Violaceous/Black  - GROUP GIFT

When I ran over to grab a slurl for the purple boots

I ran into Juju Neximus and loved the look 

she was sweet enough to spair me some of her time for pics... 

 and a list of what she has on.. 

Outfit- Cyberjammer in Black and Yellow
Bracelets- Freebi DV8, Death rock candy Bracelet
Uper arm-Freebie, Zydrate fix, DV8
Chest: Girlie Cyber Heart, DV8
Necklace: Chained Heart Choker
Ears- modded with Emergency injection earrings and cybergoh glow bits.
Shoes- Cyberjammer Skates in Yellow/Black
Hair-Electrohead V2.0 in Lemonade

I have been a long time fan of the oddity  that is DV8. 

I have so many of there older freebees and MM board and goodies. 
And sadly to say they have been hidden away in my inventory for a while.
they shouldn't be hidden \because even a year later or more 

they still are the best Latex kick ass things I have ever worn. Brilliant and fun colors..  
freaky Hair that looks like cyber punk.
 This is the future and DV8 has been there longer than most of us..

Today they caught my eye  with a little note card or blurb..
showing off a new line of boot and as usual they are free in a purple
as a group gift..
 Lucky Chairs are kickin some sweet boots also..

check them out...
and go ahead and be warned. 
Your gonna love these lil samplers
and be tempted to spend Lindens on the massive inventory of choices..
your bound to find something you have just got to have


Vasha Martinek