Monday, June 21, 2010

OMG!!! Let's get some SHOES!!!!


Talena Carissa


More shoes from DbT
Telena  has been a working hard on
updating and remaking her shoes.
these are the last few designs and colors
before an upgrade on the scripting
and all of the prices are reasonable

Delilah in pink

75L each or 275L for the fatpack

Delilah in purple
the toenail polish is colorchange 
  I had very little trouble matching the primmed feet to my skins.
and I am one of those that took a long time 
to warm up to wearing primmed tootsies
I have no patience to tinker with the
tinting scripts to get them proper
Delilah in teal
 Telenas scripts were fairly simple to 
adjust my color and tint and
I was matched up within seconds
thank goodness!
Delilah in pink - tan - purple - teal

the above link will lead you to a modest little shop 
that had everything very easy to find
She has a group you can subscribe for 50L
but Telena is generous
often tosses group freebees your way 
So your 50L will be well spent

Delilah in blue

Telena has a small satelite shop
I discovered accidentally 
that has many of her 
shoes for 5L and 10L 
that can be found here
  a great place for new Avi's

The main shop is the link below


Talena Carissa