Thursday, June 24, 2010

TROCHO - (Greek: that which is round[ed]; a wheel, a disk)

Corocota Torok



when I opened up the folder
and tossed it on.

I couldn't resist.
I just loved this texture..
the disk shaped lace with creamy background
that gives the illusion of bare flesh.

the rounded discs
 made me think of spider webs  and black widows
sensual and seductive.

We all tend to have our poison..
Mine just happens to be fashion

Stop by and pick this new dress up
the last look we had at poison it was more of the same.

Great minis.. variety
 a great place to grab a sexy look

Stay tuned for the next few blogs for more.
Shes a new girl in town only open a few months 
and great prices for great poses and props.

Corocota Torok

 glitter box poses 200L

if your wondering where I got the poses..

Vivaposes by Jas Core