Monday, June 28, 2010

Waiting for the Truth * COCOA *



Every week I wait for my TRUTH hair fix.


Iris with no beads  
this comes in the choice to have beads or not to have them..   

beads colorchange 
Or to just color change the beads in her braided piggytail


Lucille Streaked - Cocoa

Lucille - cocoa

and every time.. like the lil crackheaded hair monkey I am
I love it and it satisfies me like nothing else can.. and a few days later I am eagerly anticipating the next delivery

And like clockwork the Truth sets me free
and I am Happy again.

How Truth Hawks can crank 
out three or four hair styles every release
and frequently is amazing.
 And all of them consistently great hair.


The streak streak he is on is alright by me.
I love the ability to match things even better than before to my many outfits.

my favorite this week

And this release we have TWO streaked hairs not one!

Also after finishing up my quickie little pictures I ran to 
Truth Hair to grab the URL that I needed for the blog 
and discovered with alarm
I had not seen a cute little bow attachment

OMG. how retarded is that!.to miss such an  important features.
the lady trying on the hair behind me must have thought I was insane as I took a pic of me falling all over-myself to see the special little bonus ..Bow

and last pic but not least is a big platonic appriciation 
in a friendly sorta non sexual way

Huggles for TRUTH