Saturday, July 24, 2010



Claire Messenger

 Dun dun... dun dun .. du du dun dun,

Shark Attack!
The fat-pack it has huge options.. from stockings  styles to toenail polish .. to ankles all controlled with one of the easiest to use huds Besides the use of the color options for heels and soles

chains no chains.. spikes no spikes.. socks no socks ..

Even the buckles have metal options.

I love that you can go from the studded spikes to smooth. 
Some of the best Shoes out there

single - 695L

fat pack - 4995L

Fatpack is highly recommended
all of these colorchanges on again off again on chains and spikes. 
Are the same pair of shoes..
Not twenty pairs cluttering my virtual closet.. 
So worth the price of a fat - Pack


Claire Messenger