Thursday, August 19, 2010

Truth and More.. August



 Midori Streaked  - Night
Truth Hair

 League Misty skin
Glow Lashes
Ganked Necklace - earrings
Launa Fauna Soul Prim EYES

by Truth

Kami Streaked - Night


I loved this complete look I wore it about for several days messing with the eyes mostly.

*League* Skin Deeptan -Misty- Wrecked
comes with or without hair base details

I loved the  end result.
soft lights primmed lashes and
a tearful Mascara smudged face.
The lips looking as if a kiss had been forced upon them.

  TRINITY -  Night

by Truth

The glow lashes glimmer just a bit.. 
 added the right touch to the League Misty skins for me.

125L per color
or 500L per fatpack
Truth is having a huge sale 
and you can grab all the fatpacks 
you had to miss
this includes the new hairs!