Monday, August 30, 2010

Angelwings Mini hunt


angel6 Susanti

TRIXY DRESS in blue - Mini hunt gift - new release

several other colors of this dress are marked at 200L

Just a little quickie here
I was working on my think pink hunt
and a girl popped in to check out my shop and 
she was wearing this beautiful fae dress

free mini hunt gift

I of course had to ask and she gave me a link to Angelwings. 
I have never heard of them until today
Her prices are so reasonable for the quality 

comes with the floral hair piece and the wings

and I did the little mini hunt for the tiny little  white angelwings
scattered about her shop.. a total of 8 in all
the dress comes in a variety of colors but this beautiful blue one was free for the hunting.

I don't know when the hunt is over so skip on over for a quickie and 
make sure you slap her MM boards I saw a few items that looked great and 
if her quality is consistant
Why not.

YUM lotsa  great colors to choose from for only 200L each
I would so love the GREEN 


angel6 Susanti