Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Breeze - you GOS to hold onto your hat


Gospel Voom

 Summer Breeze and sunshine Weather
calls for hats and espadrilles

These have been out for a few weeks and I have been wearing them with assorted outfits.. and loving them.. 
I got all the colors.. I love making a pig of myself when it comes to fat packs and every accessory

GOS ESPADRILLES - 995L fatpack

Or 295L for one color and 100L for additional shoe color

You get this lil ribbon and you click on it and it loads 
the new color onto your shoes hud.

It even animates and is cool to watch..

All of his items upgrade like this.. 
Its always fun

I lov ehow one pair of shoes gives you so many options. 

these are classic summer shoes.
 and the perfect accessory
to a fantastic pair of shoes
is a Hat that matches.

a lot of options and this hat fits well.

It looks fantastic..



Gospel Voom