Monday, October 4, 2010



angel6 Susanti

**Angelwing** Fall Fairy full skirt
You can still get this incredible fae outfit 
for a meager 200L  
Angelwing tends to give us a lot of bang for the buck. 
I can't believe how low her prices are 
for such detail and fun cuteness. 
**Angelwing** Fall Fairy mid skirt
I picked up this fae set
 Fall leaves fairy in on of her recent mini hunts.
But it is available for 200L  .
The fantastic thing about Angelwing is that 
if you join her group and keep your eyes open..  
you are sure to catch one of her promos for her new outfits..
She loves to spread about her shop
these difficult to find tiny little objects 
*so far its been white wings*
**Angelwing** Fall Fairy short skirt

And  she tends to be tricky 
and name them all object so you cant just cheat 
and do a search to find them.. 
Sure you will come up wiht OBJECT 
but do you realise how many things are randomly called object so you wont be able to cheat too much. 

She keeps it fun though 
and has staff that will give you hints 
and there is always a helpful crowd,

I myself have attended two of the mini hunts 
and even though I blog I tend to want to join the crowd and 
seek until I cant seek no more..
It usually doesn't take too long and you end up with a high fashion high end quality item for free.   

all three skirt lengths are in the 200L package all are included

Granted you spend enough time seeking 
for the bits of your prize 
that you will be tempted by her many 
affordable gowns silks and dresses Faery and more..
that you will probably empty a few lindens 
out of your pocket while you are there.
But its all fun and her things are worth it.
she has things reasonably priced and 
doesn't seem to fall into the greedy category. 

Its lots of fun 
so even though you missed this current little mini hunt 
make sure you join the subscribo for the next one.. 
she always puts out her newest creation  
as she has done this one...

 Liquid Heat  sea to skybox forest - 0L

The forest I used to take photos in is from
a hud based system as an attempt to luhr you 
to get all the rest of the fantastic options.
 go check this one out its free for the taking and very generous
to add more modules is only 950L each 
examples of the modules are
a travelers rest inn, a nightclub, an asylum,
a fusion loft, club purgatory
You can follow this link and investigate 
each and every one of them


angel6 Susanti