Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tonktastic Fantastic *the not so white rabbit and scarey clowns^




 Evil Bunneh - groupgift - 0L

The Evil Bunneh has a gaping heart wound..
available at  ENTROPY DESIGNS  
Thursday morning 150L

I just want to write silly Tonk words.
like Tonktasticle, Tonkalishious,
Honky tonky Tonk, Tonktile,

Dont ask me why.. but every since I started wearing this facial tat 
and the bozo balding Captain Spalding Hair and
Make - up

cute little carnival dress from ROTTON TOE

I have gone completely insane..  It has set me in this odd mood and made me giggle and gibber jabber 
and make up nonsensical words

I am OK now... 

I think

But these tonkalisiously tonk treats for his
group are wonderful

 this is the free one but do make note these look way 
smexier on the fellas

and crazy .. dark clowns and  dark rabbits whatever will he think of next


The greenfaced clown is not the free one but it was my fave I just had to buy it.. it had a Star on the eye..
So FYI  dont go over there crying  cus its not free.. 
I am sure no one will care..

But what is free is these ones pictures in this little snapshot of  his shop displays here


YOU know you want them...

Go go go GO!!!!

 the evil clowns are after you

 and yet again the asylum is this huge hud SKYBOX from Liquid Heat.. 
Its like a labyrinth and its so scary..  
only 950L for the module and if you drop by you can get a forest module for free
all modules are on display so you can check them out too

TONK Tomkat