Sunday, November 14, 2010

Playing with Rublik


Jinx SpiritWeaver

I have been out and about on the prowl for cyber goodies this month

So.... Here is a quick lil  cute cyber punk club girl look

From Rublik a small shop I ran across accidentally while shopping and perving for the black bracers in a previous post... 150L each for white pink or black

It came with a lot of separate bits and pieces..  all in black white or pink options.. the Black colors are a tad more sophisticated and classic cyber punk.. but I was feeling like pink. to match my  fun nuura's skin

Bracers 150L
Corset 350L
Neck piece 100L
Boots 400L

I ran out of lindens so I didn't get the breather

Pink Hair tentacle hair by one of my favorite shop Boudoir

the hair piece accessory is just some old junk not for sale I don't know where it came from  some newb bit from a while ago I am thinking

This was just a lil quickie fun piece of fluff...

Check it out... cuteness