Saturday, November 13, 2010

Its a Grave Situation when you forget you own some of the best looking latex in game


Jackie Graves

It has made me a cyber punk Diva 

G121 Black And White - ZERO - 490L

*C:K* Azil Snow Skin - Crystal Diamond

800L each

*C:K* Azil Moon Skin - Crystal Diamond

Simply the best...
I love it when designers just jam pack your inventory to the bursting seems with layer layers  bits and. CHOICES

Those choices are there for you to make so you can make the look your own to add  there designs and your imagination..

G179 Crossfire - Black - 460L

Tukinowaguma hair  Perfumeice (C) Ebony - 300L

and with no acceptation I have found another great designer.. I love latex but have a hard time finding something that's not cookie cutter blah blah

Just a little fyi
boots hair and bracers are not included

*C:K* Azil Feather Skin - Crystal Diamond

Tukinowaguma hair - Milena White+Accessories - 300L


Jackie Graves