Saturday, December 11, 2010

I got issues with Snowflakes Today

   A snowflake is the ultimate natural beauty... 
Part of its allure is the Mystery that even baffles the scientists to this day they wonder at the creation of the simple snowflake that in its simplicity is complex... and delicate to create..
the conditions have to be just right for it to form...  and the scientist march on trying to figure out  how a water molecule will become a six sided wonder... that we call a snowflake..

The science will continue on  as they get closer to the mystery that is the snowflake...
and even when they finally figure it all out.. I will still stand in awe and marvel at its creation.. So... Here in my little cybergirl persona I will do my part to discover...
the snowflake..  and take you with me on my journey...

I screamed for help in my groups 

(((I need a snowflake necklace)))

Truths New Emily Hair

I am wearing this non traditional outfit and I need a snowflake necklace...

:: Rublik :: Invidia Set 1000L

don't ask me why I felt I needed such a detail that was barely seen in the pictures.. 
But thats just me and my look. I pay attention to the details and it makes my avitar interesting to look at.

Allusions Snowflake lip ring 10L

Sabryne Rhode of Allusions

This lip-ring was made right on the spot to give me a hand on my look 
the day before I had insisted I needed a lip-ring
and look what she popped up with just a lil effort..
I must have caught her when she was bored.
But you benefit  from it with this lil lip-ring with tiny nano snowflakes 
for 10L at the fab free cart in a tiny light blue box outside in front of her shop with a lot of other goodies.

On the other hand the snowflake necklace was a new item from 

Eolande's Snowflake Fantasy Necklace - silver 350L

I was lucky enough to catch her online and tell her how I loved the look of the necklace chain and the way it curved reminding me of reindeer horns... The chain was the main focus for me that I fell for but when I put it on I was excited to find out it has color changing gems so it can match your outfits.. I am all for jewelry that is versatile in color so I can  work it into more than one look.. I have so many

Invidia also comes in separate pieces if you don't wish to get the whole thing.. its got color change glow so you can choose the colors you want to wear...

Invidia Helmet