Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa visits my humble abode.... and starts trouble

Something was stirring


PRAVDA Dark Couture

and it wasn't a mouse
He had been quiet for several days ... He was working on something..

Now hanging around Pravda's 
I had not noticed any Christmas scenes or anything
I could recall as being Christmas like..  
Lots of Gothic Statues and dark builds.
but no Santa or little elves to be seen anywhere....
I think he had them hidden in a dungeon or something because
 when I inquired about what was next..

a whole lot of packages reigned down upon my head
and a set of Christmas trees in three sizes
of the likes of which I had not seen before 
In my SecondLife... Very much like my First life. 
These Christmas Trees looked real enough 
that if I closed my eyes I could smell the fresh cut pine
you can click on them for a menu
that allows you to change the colors of the 
Christmas balls and add 
snow or glow to the branches

It seems Christmas magic was finally happening for me
I could feel it in the air as I examined the trees and discovered
the many details and the care taken in creating them

I was perfectly satisfied with this ... until

A man in a red suit came in behind the trees... 
It was Jolly ol Saint Nic and 
he was pointing a finger right at me
then he brought it to his lips as if to shush me
and I stood there  and waited quietly as he brought in friends
and a sack of goodies and gift
wrapped in simple snowflake paper

As tears came to my eyes and I wondered at the finery 
I began to realize that this Christmas was almost here
and I was unprepared. Finances were low and
The spirit of giving was all but a flicker in my heart.
For I felt I had nothing to offer yet again to all of my lovely friends
All the trappings of Christmas seemed to 
be just that

 When suddenly it dawned on me
that my gifts were not solid and they were not always warm
and sometimes they were fleeting and hard to see in the Flurry that is me... 
My coming and going my hellos and goodbyes.. my waves and my smiles... 
all a flicker and gone within a twinkling of an eye.


I gave him in return something fleeting and beautiful
something uniquely the same as everyone else  but never the same
because it was from me..
A snowflake
it represents Beautiful Chaos
and he smiled... knowing me and all that I am
And he accepted my fleeting gift with grace and smiled some more

for a long time
he stood behind me while I decorated the tree
he stalked me for hours
holding onto his bell

 I found out that if you touch his bell the room is filled with a beautiful Christmas carol 
that can be preloaded so the song runs smoothly and it set the mood  for the holiday spirit.

Prices on the three trees S M and L - 500L for all three sizes
Santas without scenes  - 1750L
Santa with scene of trees sack and toy soldier 2500L

all found here at

He touched my butt and his friend I think are gonna tell Ms Claus
  just look at the expression on there faces
I shouldn't have tinkered with his bell I think he got the wrong impression...

Santa is Naughty

Merry Christmas to all of my dear friends and I would like to thank the wonderful designers that created the builds for my impromptu Christmas card to the Stalkers of my Blog.
Thank you Pravda for obvious reasons..
Thank you Precious Restless for the Christmas Dress Couture 
You are so talented.. Muahhhhh
Thank you Whirly Girly for Blustery way cool snowflakes..
And thank you
Cierra Anatine
for stopping your builds of houses
to make me a smaller version of your very old trinket snowflake
so I could hold it in my hand.. it made the story work...
Happy Holidays