Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's just Shocking!!!

Do you think they are
Trying to keep you from getting shocked?

Complete electrical tape outfit 298L

with the proper use of electrical tape
I think they got you covered!

at first I was thinking.. oh the same ol same ol tape titty club outfit. What I found when I slipped it on is a sexy and saucy lil fetish get up that can be taken from the boudoir to the club.

shot in the Barbee sim I loved the art.. it was amazing.. notice the little guy in the back pic mocking me

Its electric with hawtness.. And paired with the old bax boots in patent leather it sparked it up a bit. The only thing I hated bout the boots is the lack of the version for the viewer 2.  but the invisible prims are barely there and the boot is well fitt.
But lets get back on track.. this lil get up looks good from the back view too!...   

I modded the skirt with more flair than the original version

The skirt is on the skirt layer its not primmed but somehow it worked so well..
I really loved the look

shown here with all the options to buy and 
the original version of the skirt

A nior view of the parasol I found on the sim for free with a males Kimono on Barbee 0L

and the hair worn with this outfit is by 
 Cake in black called CHARMED 375L


tell em you were stalking my blog and Whisper sent ya...