Saturday, January 15, 2011

War - Good God what is it good for Absolutely nothing...But......


LeLutka-DICTATHOR hat 270L

Uniforms and fashion
 are a timeless blend
At times it can be a fetish that
fascinates the sophisticated and the depraved alike.
An attraction that we cannot  and  in my case do not want to deny

Lelutkas ALPHA  ROMPER in brown 325L

If you ever feel compelled to go there. To visit the war fashions of the forties May I show you where to find it..
 Lelutka has been a name I have heard on many occasions and never taken notice of like so many before me have..... I just wasn't interested until  I slipped into their creations... How could I pass such fantastic quality.. Even with my shorter non Model avi. with the rounded tummy and the thick legs.. I managed to fit into the prim bits.. It was easily manipulated and fit to perfection. 

GOS GTFO BOOTS 595L - League Gartered stockings  145L 

 So if it is a s classy forties style militant look your hunting for..
To be well dressed for the occasion in style and with Panache
You must go to Lalutka they have some of the best
The classic.. 
 That I have found 
I salute them for such good work...

on a special note the hair I am wearing was a 50L color special found only at LeLook  maybe Sabina will continue with this crazy yellow I really loved it

Sandara in Crazy Yellow