Monday, January 3, 2011

Ringing in the New Year......Gos Boots and Pink and duct tape


I love the new year
All the Holidays are over and I can relax
I get to play with my new gifts and just breath
GOS Slouch Boot - 495L or 1995L for the fat pack
Like I said in the previous post I love shoes
 I am going to bring in my year with another of my favorites GOS

I think the things that amuse me when I shop are the added effort to the packaging
Gos is one that has the color in assorted shoe polish packaging
the scripting and animation is fun to watch and play with

 If Gos takes that much effort in packages and presentation
then what does it say for the shoes and boots themselves.
You can see for yourself

If you haven't tried Gos..
then may I suggest you better go now. It is worth the purchase.. ..
these shoes are priceless and so well done its just fun to wear them.

Today I am presenting to you his SLOUCH boots and they are no slouch.   You can wear them with just about anything.. And I chose Duct tape.. on a rainy day :-)

So sitting here and working on my Blog for Gos boots.
I get a MSG from Candeebee Bade PINK !NC and she sends me some of her newest items

"P!" Take the Lead Choker - 180L
 this choker has a dainty little bow on the end of a chain.. it goes with one of her rings

Metalbow ring 125L and Soma Cuffs 175L

delightful RINGS to ring in the new year
Below are a scattering of examples to be found of her big and chunky rings..
I for one love the big chunky ring trend that's happening and now that we can ADD  attachments its easier to wear rings nails and other things all at the same time..

"P!" Tease Ring 125L

 there are 3 or four colors of the Crossed Gem ring and the MetalBow Ring is mod so you can change the color if you wish. The Diamond Punch ring is a double ring and definitely unisex  as are the Soma cuffs

"P!" Diamond Punch Rings 180L and"P!"Crossed Gem Ring-Sky 155L

there is also a cute little owl ring that's in the lucky chair

don't forget the Snow bunny hunt item that's not to hard to find 

Oh and a major FYI Gos made some festive colors in these boots a four pack of seasonal. well it has a shiny Silver and Gold... so totally wearable throughout the year.. Silver and gold boots that look good are
HARD to find!!

this price is at a drastically reduced price

the four pack is 425L only so don't slouch and run to get them cus he is taking them down any minute!!
If you are in his group  you get a 42L discount so HURRY!!!!! these are awesome deal for the best ever and don't let the seasonal fool you you can use silver and gold throughout the year!

Duct tape by League in silver black

Tattoo worn in this blog is
 Paisley Temptressby Vicky Werefox
::Para Designs:: Quality Tattoos