Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love is...........Love girl in rouge

New release

Love Girl

When it comes to love I am speachless at the moment. I know what love means for me this time around but when I think of it as a whole and I examine all the data that I can recall or dredge up  from my past experiences and other peoples stories, It makes me wonder.

What is love


Love is to many expectations 
too many false perceptions
too many fake ambitions
difficult to recognise
Love is fury fire and passion

What is for you.. at this moment? 
Are you waiting for chocolates and flowers?

The Classic Look of Love

Elegance pase' and surreal that in this life we capture glimmers of from time to time if we are lucky enough to have our eyes wide open

Love is what it is ..
It is what you make of it. It is...

So simple..

My advice is get the fatpack it made these a perfect match because I could tinker with the color combo's

I shall love with all that I am.
I will love during the passion and the pain

I love today  and Always

No regrets

and you also will have no regrets when you slip into Love Girl
The Staff / Wand has a simple poofer of hearts that are easily turned off and on they glow as they emit and has almost a twinkling effect that I loved. This also comes in a Blue for those who want to stray from the reds of Valentine hearts.. What else but a blue heart.. I loved the idea of it also

Now  I take a bow and leave you to your own thought of being a Love Girl

*Solidea Folies* Love is Blindness...or not?/band-headpiece 1L
 do not be blinded by what is the norm