Monday, February 7, 2011

Sometimes Beauty is Pain

Photos Nikolaidis
 As most of you have figured out Secondlife affords you to wear styles you can never wear in real life.

Very much the old fashion style Hatpin type pin  used in the most unexpected manner
It takes you there. That place in your minds-eye that you see yourself as you wish.. the emotional side of you that exposes you in ways that words in chat-rooms alone could never define. It gives you an almost Godlike reach to express yourself in ways that can never be accomplished in your real lifetime in the real world...

Yet again they take the tradition Victorian era elements and create the love for such a coveted classic and makes us painfully aware of its beauty. The hooks embedded in the flesh  help us grasp the idea

It reminds me of an infinity mirror but instead of the same image of yourself reflecting over and over..  with the same color flair and design..  an endless repetition of the  one image.. but in my mind it is a mirror that reflects every aspect of who you are on any given day in any given moment. Such is my secondlife.. 

Don't loose your head over this fantastic hair design.. Be careful of the pin don't tug to hard. Its a bejeweled grenade and I wouldn't test the designers imagination and risk it.  I just loved the tendril in the back and the tightness of this.. It expresses tension and living on the edge of fashion

I happened upon a notecard tossed my way from a place I had visited before many times.. I never knew they had this side of them.. the art of fine jewelry that has a bit of a twist but without the gore.. An avant garde look at the pain without the bleeding on the outside... an elegance that defies boundaries and expresses beauty and pain in a way that makes you think instead of retch.... I bring you a glimpse of A:S:S: Jewelry

A closer look at the grenade and hairbase also draws your attention to this GothSha skin I happened across in the  thrifty goth group. It was at !Silken Moon as the MM Weekend Special the lashes are glow studios that I wear often
I am also wearing the The sea Hole - Crochet Cut out top with matching sheer panty -GrapeSoda
it comes in several beautiful color combination's and has a primmed tie for just the perfect touch of detail

at a mere 100L a set you can pick out more than one because let me tell you it was hard to choose

10 to choose from