Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Freeness

This valentines day I didn't participate
I usually dash about the grid and grab as many of the freebies I can get  but my inventory is so bloated that I can no longer not be choosy about my finds.. I cant afford to gather more.  or maybe I will get so fat  that I cant move.. so I have resolved to try and avoid hunts even good ones unless I see something I just HAVE to have

One of these finds was Curious Kitten
*C:K* FREE Sweetly Blushing Azil Skins

So soft and blushing sweet and innocent.. with a delicate heart to the side of your eyes in several shades... Its a must have  - must find for only 0L
How could you resist ..


Feather - Ivy - Moon - Orchid - Owl - Peach - Snow - Whisp

All 8 skins for 0L

0L for the Shoya Earrings

in a small box on the table

and 169L for the Shoya necklace

A:S:S deLuxe - Shoya necklace
and matching Shoya Earrings

Paradisis Diva Bra panties and socks 125L
Gos Curvaceous Boots

 and this.. the kewlest thing ever for 1L on XSTREET
the animated tongue it comes in three. Yes THREE different tongue licks waggles movements or whatever you wanna call it and me and a pal of mine had fun checking it out the other day,
take my word for it peoples this thing is awesomesauce and for 1L how can you not get it!

just trust me on this one
oh its for ladies or gentlemen and can be used to lick your ice-cream  
and lollipops or just to amuse yourself.