Sunday, February 20, 2011

I wanna be a cowboy


Komari Mai
Cute little Western Hat Hair

BC322  Western Hat Hair is 200L each or 500L for 4 packs but the best bargain is 800L for all 8 colors

Note the hat has four Texture options!

The first time I found this shop was during one of the crazy arse hair hunts and I got this pink hair from the Lucky Board that had a huge Orchid growing out of a pink afro curl. I loved that hair and sent a note card to the creator * who they ask you to not IM  them but, they accept note cards because English is not there first language I am assuming they probably use a translation program to understand your English so please be nice and spell check.

I appreciate her whimsy in most of her Hairs and I have collected quite a few of them in the past couple of years. I have worn them in my blogs often. The Octopus Hair and the grenade curlers are two of my absolute faves Just to mention a few..   I love the fact that  she changes her lucky boards to put some odd colored hair  usually a pink for you to try one of her hairs for free
Below is the Lucky Boards Hair


Ice blue with candy striped pinks yellow and green a very fun hair and that's not all that's free there is a
group gift also that's pure cuteness

For those of you interested in the fantastic tat I am wearing below

 Mauve makes some of the best tats I own

I got it at