Thursday, March 31, 2011

As I discover Mix and Match..... Lets take a peek shall we?

April 1rst to 23th 2011


The last post I wore a choker  that was part of the MIX and MATCH hunt... how I became involved in getting the good for it I musta signed up somehow.. or they just loved my blog....  SO.. what I did was throw it all in a huge folder and then  blindly picked randoms.... I had a lot of fun making an outfit...

GRIN... this picture looks like I am scared... scared of my big boobs.

 Featured in the is photo is several of the Mix and Match Hunt Items. 

.::Divine::.Brow Studs
 a.e.meth  - Doll Lashes
mISs rOUx Spirit Spring Fantasy Pale Lips
BOUNCE / CAROLE Tee / Banana Ice
Ear Candy ~ Spring Necklace & Earrings in Green *the set has a bracelet and another pair earrings in Pink *

 Ear Candy earrings and bracelet options

*HolliPocket*  Bottoms Up Jeans-Fresh Lavendar
  PsychoTroPia   Psycho Classic Pumps

Be-Lo.Te   I <3 Tonight Tattoo
I <3 Tonight tattoo

 This post features the new TRUTH hair .. 
the only thing not in the Mix and Match... So I wore the Newest release
Carina - chestnut

@-FaShIoN FrEaKs-@ Hunt4 - Mix & Match Hunt
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