Friday, March 18, 2011

Cherry Blossom.... To the Japanese.. For you...


Japanese Cherry Blossom Hair



 An offering for the people of Japan from

Whisper Stella


I wanted to express to you the heart of this offering and why I chose the Cherry blossom.
In 1912  The Japanese gifted the United States with the Cherry Blossoms in Washington as an offering of friendship. 
There are so many tragedy's  that one can never save the world. But I believe in extending a hand even if it is a feeling  no matter how small the effort it unites us as one. As we watch all the way across the world or hear it in our car on the radio or hear the topics in the news.. We have plenty of people right here to tend to. Charity begins in the home.. but I am not giving that type of charity. My neighbors are worldwide. The suffering may be able to be eased with money. But its not the dribs and drabs of money that go forth it is the heart of the world and life itself that calls out to the Japanese in there turmoil as we sit and watch from afar.. My helping brings me that much closer to you and I focus on the lessons to be learned from this brief life we share. And I thank you for the opportunity to be enlightened. I am not entirely unselfish in giving.. 

For the Japanese the Cherry blossom flower is not so much a symbol of the feminine beauty although it was used in that way also on Kimono designs it is seen as a symbol of life.
The Japanese felt that the cherry blossom represent life in that life is something of great beauty yet it is very quick and passing and in the end is full of suffereing also. This comes from very core Buddhist teachings that all life is suffering and one mustsimply give in to the suffering and let go. Through this letting go the suffering ends and people can achieve enlightenment.For the Japanese the Cherry blossom is often also used symbolically or idealistically to represent the true way of a Samurai. The Samurai never know when they are going to die and instead of worrying about death they have to live their life to the fullest and be fully prepared to die an early death. They felt that if you were not prepared to die then you could not fully live. So a Cherry blossom that has fallen from the tree is often symbolic of a Samurai who has died early in battle. In fact one of the saying that was common for the Samurai was today is a good day to die. It is not that they had a death wish at all it was more of a life wish. They knew their life was rough and dangerous and that it would end in a sudden death. In fact it was more honorable to end in death during a battle then to live to an old age. So like the Cherry blossom with its short yet beautiful life the Samurai lived in the same way.

  I am offering my Cherry Blossom hair for a short time in a vender that is set up to disperse the funds to a charity designed to help the people of Japan. I am not affiliate with them but I asked to be able to give.. I was not invited to help. I was inspired to help. It is truely unremarkable  I have never made a hair before and it is my first..  Feedback is encouraged.

100L 100% to charity