Friday, March 25, 2011


The other day I was running around and chit chatting in a group and I heard this


TRUTH HAIR - RiRi  new!!! *JeSyLiLO*:::Gum:::*LightSkin*J3
My first instinct was to duck for cover and immidiately say..

I didn't do it!

Then it dawned on me after I investigated the meaning of that statement it translates as this..

RiRi by Truth

I can't imagine after my adventure with making my own hair 
The hard work it would take to become a Secondlife big name.

How would I handle such notoriety 
Would I have the proverbial 
And have to ignore the masses because I need to get my amazing work done!

Probably.. But I DO  know this

RiRi Hair shown with  Sea hole Garden District Felicity dress 215L
 notice the shear front its so nice..  sweet and sexy look goes well with the skin I chose

the SEA HOLE Taxi

My TRUTH HAIR COLLECTION is always exactly what I expect it to be, it looks good its easy to fit it gives my AVI that polished look every time.

Truth Hair - Krystal shown with Tsunami Relief pose by Virtual Props and Poses

So instead I puffed up and proudly said why yes I am... ehem a Truth Blogger.

I am a very lucky girl..

But more than that I love how Truth Hawks has always remained 
the friendly and easy going fella since day one. 
I like that about him.. 
Sure he is busy and sure he is a household SL name now. 
  a well known iconic brand in secondlife.

 But when I ran to him and showed him my own hair 
I had just made and swore to him that I would never be in competition with him 
* yes you can start laughing your asses off now* Insert maniacal giggling.

As I stood there in his IM box tossing my photos of my mad creation 
like a puffed up and proud child 
showing off my own art.
He pat me on my lil  head smiled and encouraged me to keep up the good work..
He called my work NICE... 
Now how is that for AWESOME SAUCE

That alone makes me love his hair all that much more..  
I have completely stopped shopping certain places because of snubbing attitudes
because they were tro cool for school
he can and will take a moment to be the AWESOMESAUCE  
while he put my pictures on his proverbial FRIDGE and encouraged my efforts...

Disclaimer ... this does not mean that Truth has time to chit chat with randoms 
he is actually making his really kewl hair...
He didn't endorse any of my statements etc.. and no we don't hang out.
  lol by no means can we of second life talk to everyone and all peoples its just too much to ask for.. 
But I do know his customer service is the best.. even if it will take a lil minute..
Thats just my own experience

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Now on to the rest of the stuff in this blog.. 
The SKIN was somethign I got tossed at me and I actually had to look but I lvoed the rosey pink cheeks and the candy lips!
I felt super sweet!

I have never seen this brand of skin but I fell hard for the sweetest look ever I am so thrilled she tossed me a blogger pack.. this skin for this blog is..