Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cupcakes VS Guns

Be warned....
If you are looking good or amazing. And you happen to run into me in a public place.. IE: the Bus stop or out shopping..  And I see you.. you can be certain I will begin tickling your prims trying to not allow you to notice I am stalking you. to find out just where you got your look from. I am sneaky like that and I want to know. I will hunt down a prim like a bloodhound

I know its criminal of me but I honestly don't care. I will perv that prim and hunt down your fashion. This happened with Delirium Style.
I saw an avi that had the cute lil street look with the pants falling off and for the first time.. I actually thought it looked good..

This Props and Poses bus stop prop gave me just the right flavor for my pics 

I personally do not usually get the ghetto fabulous street punk look. Not to many people play it off well. Or they over do it.  But I think I have found the best looking provider of amazing street clothing ever. I mean the details are perfect and I love the looks.. I also love how its not just a females shop they have really great guy things too!

All Poses were found at ..::DARE::..
In your face,,, at the Bus stop

So here I am in my CUPCAKE BADNESS... at a bus stop near you.. somewhere..  telling your man to take you shopping because he just may find somethign for himself too

Truth Hair  - Clementine - Crow