Friday, April 29, 2011

Window Licking Fun!!!

Sometimes I feel like licking windows.. and today PNP handed me the funnest animation ever...
It is a Group gift that was given with a smile.. and I immediately went for it.. Thanks Spish for the  amazing giggle... and for PNP..... I dedicate this lil song to them and all there l window licking customers!

TRUTH's April 22nd release -  HAZEL - Beach

Morantique LUSH/Milano Pearls necklace and earrings
worn with Truths April 22nd release KAREN

Milano Pearls Ring

Curious Kitties Free Group Gift skin also comes with Jelly EYEs to match
Azil Ivy Skin - Jelly Gem - Funky Easter Egg

All poses in this blog are from
Props and poses Dahlia and Darla Pose sets

Bloomers are Cil Lingerie black'Moon' Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique

I absolutely love the bloomers set I put a white tank over it but it was perfect old fashion lingerie that came in several classic colors. Her shop is a must visit
More of Truths April 22nd release hair PHOEBE

 perfectly paired with my N-core
SENSE XtremeHeel 
Group gift