Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tipping my HAT in the sunshine


Sunny little straw hats.. hiding your eyes.. 
Butterfly's flitting across your shoulder
The golden flora abounds

:+:Studio Sidhe:+: Spring Days Straw Hat 
A very generous and fun item that will be available at the Oh My Stars! Hunt...
Hat that has a touch menu for poses
. She has some of the more magical props and poses one can find on the grid..

Flowers scattered across my nose courtesy of Nuuna's Skins and it is a skin not a tattoo

May 20th release - Hair by Truth - Cecelia - Fire

Je taime sculpted and animated Butterfly - in yellow
still available it was a little mothers day gift  but be certain to check out
the matching bikini for 149L

and all of this worn with a sunny little dress..

BE HAPPY Juliana dress in the brightest tangerine orange and lime green 125L

I have discovered that her photos do not do the textures justice.. the clothing in Be Happy are worth taking out of the box and looking a little closer