Thursday, June 2, 2011

Truth becomes you every time


I am on a roll........

 Delirium Style outfit called RAYN

I became completely obsessed the past few blogs with Deliriums style.. I have tons of other things to blog but I thought I would run with it....   yet another winner... and yes there is more.. take the taxi link and see for yourself..


The Phone prop background is from a series of props I have been using from PNP

 Spish and his lady Marit  have a whole bunch of street scenes for you ghetto-liscious gals to pose and priss for your photos.. I am also using three of his poses for this blog from the ALEXIA set... poses 1 -2 and 3

 Worn with this outfit I recently received a few pairs of  waterproof
Heels called

shown above are the Black and the Brass and Crimsons colors

Truth Hair - Teshan - Night

Teshan is probably got to be my favorite long hair now..

great looking front and back

the end...