Friday, June 3, 2011

Wicked Beautiful

Ooohhh  lah lah........ Latex!


Just how did I come up with this mixy and matchy horny lil number?  Why my first step was to visit Vitabella and Precious Boudoir... If you want elegant sensual sexy and wicked... These ladies know how to bring on.

I was such a little devil when they handed me the mermaid hair and I stripped the headdress off and crowned my skull with thorny Horns and a vine hair-base it gave me an unexpected look. definitely not what Vita intended when she created this hair but that is the beauty of being a woman and loose in her and Precious shop... there are no limits to what kind of woman you can portray

Two different masks are provided lace or leather your choice  

without mask

 The Mask  shoulderpads latex pants are part and parcel of Boudoirs Venetian Nightmare a new release
The horns worn are from RUE.....I found them to be some very exciting accessories that blended well when I used her Confessor set in Ghost with the skin from EoS * edge of sanity* Apple Marta 5 

Afterwards the look just needed adornments and I went on a mad shopping spree at +ROZOREGALIA+ where I purchased the New BOUHACHI*PIPE that looks glorious and rich... and there were gloves and the facial piece I couldn't resist.. I wished for the collar that matched but I ran out of Lindens... and a Frantic IM was met with user is not online. but overall I am so happy with the look...


 one of several great poses that are scripted into the pipe......