Friday, July 1, 2011

Its time for tails and its not always formal

BOOM in the ROOM

I cannot begin to explain what a disaster my inventory has become
Its like a closet explosion with over 100K items in it
and showing off what I find.
KOSH has this beautiful Nebula jewelry that is so real looking and well made I loved it when these were dropped into my lap its like wearing the universe so beautiful the texture glows and flickers just enough to make it magical and the sexy tim Lamp is also from KOSH  it comes in scripted and non scripted and the hanky tossed over the lamp changes colors


 This bracelet flickers and  glimmers  without the bling its  made so nice  the quality far surpassed the price..  Kosh is always reasonable and affordable for the best.
So many of my older Kosh items stand the test of time and  I still use them.. so its a lot of bang for your Linden buck.

sexy time lamps by KOSH

Shown with my behaviorbody photo room 
group gift
I think it is still there
 they are having a half off sale until the 15th of this month for there third anniversary
ao etc all on sale  its definitely worth a peek if your a pose whore like me


they have some of the sexiest couple poses too.. drooool

Hair 103 Available at the TWILIGHT NIGHT BAZAAR

Oh and before I forget this sexy and cute lil hairdo is only 75L each color or 400L for the complete fatty pack... Its smexy and cute all rolled into one

The Fall Courds short pants in Black are from 


 the tails to the conductor jacket is  perfectly curved around the  butt.. WOOT
 also from Boom