Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Words Dont Come easy..... So lets just get Griddie with it

A little fun with the Griddie

I just had to go a little crazy with my new Straight Jacket AO From 

that goes with my Dilly Dolls Straightjacket.. 
that by the way isn't just dingy grey
but comes with a HUD to change it to many fabulous colors 
to go with any and all of your crazy outfits

all poses in this blog post are stills from the ao

As you enter this sim PaPerMakis you will be met with a strange little person that has a box just for you...

this exhibit is for a short time so get it now before  you regret it.. 

<> Lea - Ice

Its free  so why not.. start a collection of avi's for those time you just wanna drop a folder on yourself and be t  else for a change...

One of the best things about SL is you can shape shift and change at will.. and be whoever you feel at that given moment in time and space..

It is the very last day of the hair fair so run to get this crazy hair from Griddie. I chose the black and whites but it comes in a variety including startling neon pink... which I should have grabbed..

 cute lil Mustashio  called IT"S TIME by Yula Finesmith is a group appreciation  gift from Finesmith... Skin is Nuuna's - Fever skin

Griddie has three awesome hairs that will capture the attention of passerby's... I took it to the art installation that was all about the written word  so I could pass the word along about these fantastic hairs by Griddie

 Dilly Dolls Straightjacket aptly named Silently

The Hair Fair has closed the sims I couldn't teleport to the slurl but Griddie has a lot to choose from and a great source for something completely different

Describing the fun found here defies words... but I will include a web-link so you can learn more about this place...more likely you will run into a letter or two that will make you hum with delight and if your sound is turned on you will find various letters being enunciated

<> Link - Ice

Or the slow drip of ink as it falls into a puddle...

<> Aehre - Black

This spot even has a small disco area for dancing and DJ... Wheres the party?

<> Aehre -Platinum

  I just sat there and listened to the endless hummmmmmMMmMming of M... Emma M's

See you there