Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yes I admit it I am a POSER

I just want to make it clear.
I admit I am a Poser and some of the best ever Runway poses are from 

without further intro this is RUNWAY poses 11-20
in no particular order

They have a series of runway poses that I will Blog them as I get them
Also make sure you join the group Spish and Marit are actively involved and they have many little giveaways  sales and surprises for there group members
Its a playful fun and friendly group

If your hunting for fashion friendly couture poses
this is them!

I just couldn't give all the angles... but the poses  were just too fun to  play with.. If you will notice the attention to the hands.. You will notice even the hands are used with expression... and that makes for great photos.. the small details go a long way

The Outrageous Hair is from the 2011 Hairfair and can now be found in the shop as a freebee

 And the well made showgirl corset is made by the very brilliant and very old school
One of my very first purchases was from Nymphetimine and I still wear them her textures and designs have stood the test of time and she is still creating great work as you can see from this fab corset showgirl outfit

 I have to admit the shop is a lot larger than it seemed to be way back then